Monday, January 24, 2011

FZR600 Gauges

Now that I'm back from NZ I'm full swing into getting my fizzer sorted for spring. Big thanks to kit at for doing the artwork on the gauge faces for me. I scanned the original faces and sent them to him. He used the scanned version to create a set of scalable Ducati style gauge faces. They came out perfectly, and I had a local sign shop I deal with print them out on a satin finish white vinyl. I never liked the look of the factory clocks, especially the cluttered looking speedo. The back lighting on the gauges was obviously late 80's technology, as they were barely readable at night. I got some thin 12v LED strips and am installing them around the perimeter of each gauge. Test shot below, lots of fiddling to do but the concept is solid.

The style I Wanted:

Original Gauge Setup (google photo): 


More to come.

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