Friday, February 18, 2011

FZR600 Progress

Two quick mid week mods. I got some yellow lamin-x for the headlights. I have both done yellow right now, but may go back to a single light covered like in the picture. I can't tell which looks best. Both are awesome in my opinion and give it that vintage enduro racer image. 

Also took the rubber off of the stock pegs, sandblasted, and powder coated them clear. Looks awesome. I drilled speed holes in the heel plates and will do those clear this weekend as well. 

I decided the rear spring rate off the R6 shock was too soft for me (there's about a 200# difference), so I'm going to powdercoat the factory FZR spring orange and put it on. I still have to do the rear brake line, but after all that, the chassis is finished! Now it's just putting the gearbox in along with an EBC clutch and it can all start going back together.

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