Saturday, April 30, 2011

FZR600 Disaster

Ah the day started with so much promise. I got the entire bike back together, cleaned up a bunch of plumbing and wiring, and extracted a broken exhaust stud that I didn't know was in there until I went to put the headers on. Everything fell together perfectly and I held my breath as I cranked it over for the first time. Everything sounded great so after building some oil pressure I hooked up the fuel pump and coils and lit her up. She sputtered to life and the music coming out of the pipe gave me chills......until I saw water seeping out of the head gasket and milky frothy oil. What. The. Fuck. 

After countless hours and thousands of dollars, I now have to dump another couple hundred bucks into new gaskets and misc bits like oil, and pull the whole bloody mill out of the bike again and redo it. Lesson to be learned? OEM parts are best. Never again will I get aftermarket head gaskets.

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