Thursday, May 26, 2011

FZR600 Head

I got the cylinder head back from the machinist. Took 6 thou off and it looks great. On one of the cylinders it looks like something tagged the side of the chamber? There's a slight dent which I'm sure won't affect anything. Maybe whatever happened to this head in its past life caused it to be out of spec and my leaking issue. I got the new valve seals in as well. Proper Yamaha ones with a steel jacket and viton rubber. Lets get this done.


gren3 said...

did you get the head skimmed to raise compression or just to resurface for the new headgasket?

I'm thinking about getting some work done to mine this winter.

TMK said...

It was skimmed to get the head gasket to seal. I had about .007" removed. I don't know if that would make any discernible bump in compression. I don't know how much clearance is in there between the pistons and valves. You may be able to deck it more than that and get a bit of a boost. I wouldn't go crazy with the engine work. Its typically cheaper and more reliable to just buy a faster bike lol

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