Monday, November 21, 2011

RD400 Build

Powdercoated some parts for the RD yesterday at the speed lab south over a handful of beers and whiskey. Did the gauge cups, rotor hats, master cyl, clutch perch, rear brake carrier, and front caliper. I'm going to make a new rear brake brace out of aluminum so no need to powdercoat that.

Next up will be getting the wheels coated and new rubber and bearings installed, and get the forks polished and rebuilt.


Whiskey said...

You're gonna be a Boss when that's complete. Good show.

TMK said...

Cheers man, things have slowed up a bit over the holidays but I'm looking forward to getting back into it again. Still waiting on my seat from France at this point. The guy at TGA sent out another one as I think the original might have gotten lost in the post. Once that shows up, things can get moving pretty well since a lot of the build is based around that.

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