Tuesday, November 24, 2015

1969 Bonneville T120r Restoration

Lots of progress lately. I have everything cleaned up and off to the powdercoater. The frame took forever as the combination of oil and dirt for the past 40 years became like tar. After a healthy amount of degreaser and several rolls of rags it was clean enough to bring for painting. 

I had to buy a slide hammer type puller to get the wheel bearings out. My typical methods proved futile on the old brit, but the slide hammer worked a treat. 

Some small progress on a few sub assemblies. I got the fork internals rebuilt along with the coil assemblies. Not sure if the originals were OK, but with vintage british electrics why bother risking it. 

Next up will be breaking down the front wheel and getting all the chrome bits to the plater. The rear is already broken down as I had to separate the hub to get it powder coated. 

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