I’ve got the bodywork finished up and sent off to the painters to be shot in Porsche Mexico Blue, or as I refer to it as, Kendall Racing Blue. It’s the color my father has had his last 2 race cars, so seemed fitting that I stick with that theme.

Since I’ve had the bike, it’s had the gear stack from a WR450 in it, which has taller ratios that are a bit further apart than the YZ450 gearbox. I don’t think the taller ratios are actually better, but I had just never made the effort to change them. For the PPIHC I decided to do something about it, as the motor will not make any power as it is, so letting the motor bog at altitude will be a painful mistake to recover from. I picked up a mint stock YZ gear stack off ebay for $100 and put them in. I cleaned the piston up and installed fresh rings, and checked/adjusted all the valve clearances. It’s amazing how this 5-valve dirtbike motor stands up to me caning the nuts off it at 9000rpm for hours on end. Well done Yamaha.

Everything in the motor looks tip top and it all went back together smooth with the exception of the clutch pack/primary gear. There’s a far amount of slop in the mating of the basket to the primary gear. I’ve got a Wiseco aluminum basket on the way, and then it can all go back together.

I designed a handful of carbon bits and had a friend cut them out for me, so the bike is going to look real sharp with carbon number plates and the new front stay assembly. This assembly will mount the electronics and possibly the radiator overflow bottle.


PPIHC Prep Begins

With AFM Round 1 in the books I’ve decided not to race round 2 and focus solely on the PPIHC prep and build. The bike is getting converted from it’s road race setup into a hillclimb build. This will have upright bars to comply with the rules, and a minimalist approach to everything else. First up is getting all the bodywork sorted to go off to paint. I’m incorporating a tracker tail, KTM RC390 belly pan, carbon number plates, and a new front plate mounting assembly.